Friday, September 14, 2007

Paradise Forks

After the wedding, we headed to Paradise Forks which is just outside of Flagstaff, AZ. It's a basalt canyon with some beautiful cracks.

The first day we headed to the Pillow area. And here's a picture on our first climb of the trip. It doesn't look too hard.. but I'm finding the climbing here extremely challenging! The cracks are really smooth inside, so it feels slippery to both my hands and feet. So far I haven't climbed one climb without falling! On the bright side, hopefully this is a good lesson for me in crack climbing. Mike used to climb here when he was in college and actually developed some of the climbs in this area, so he's enjoying being back here.

The area is on Forest Service land, and we found a beautiful camping spot. Right now we're in the monsoon season here, so we've had a couple days where it rained in the afternoon. I'm not sure when we're moving on..we might head down to Prescott or we might head to CA to get to Tuoloumne before it gets too cold.

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