Monday, September 17, 2007

After a week at the Forks, both Mike and I are exhausted. The climbing here is super steep and strenuous. This is the Prow area, which although we didn't climb it, it should give you an idea of what the various climbs look like, since they pretty much all look like this. My whole body hurts and I have little gobis (gobi = open wound) all over my hands. I have one minor achievement on my last day: I managed to push and paw up two climbs without whining or whimpering. As I took this picture, we watched two climbers rappel down to do a climb on the Prow, and noticed they had forgotten their climbing rope at the top of the cliff. We found this quite amusing since just two days prior, I had done the exact same thing!

By Saturday, we have taken as much beating as we can endure. So we packed up on Sunday and started the drive to CA. We are camping just outside of Lone Pine in the Alabama Hills and we'll be heading to Tuoloumne Meadows later today.

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