Tuesday, September 4, 2007

My Last Day @ MS!

Has finally arrived! I won't spend too much time here talking about MS, but I'll just say it's been a very enriching experience both personally and professionally.

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Arizona to meet Mike and start our climbing journey. It's hard to imagine that after today, I'll no longer be coming to work everyday. I am sure I'll adjust. We're first headed to AZ to attend Mike's sister's wedding. Then we'll spend some time climbing around Flagstaff and Prescott before heading up to Yosemite. Tune back in for more climbing stories!


Glen said...

Best of luck on your adventures! Keep the site update with pictures and stories.

Glen (Vertical World morning guy)

Jim said...

I think you'll find waking up in the outdoors a nice change. Or maybe you will after it cools down in AZ.