Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year, New Routes

After Christmas, we returned to the Homestead for some more sport climbing. Although a staunch trad climber, Mike decided to put up some new routes. To the left is Mike drilling the hole for the first bolt hanger. On the right, Mike blows the dust out of the drill hole. Unfortunately, we only have a hand drill and so it takes quite a long time. Things would go a lot faster with a power drill. Each bolt takes close to an hour to place, which means for hand drillers like Mike, it takes almost a full day to finish a route. Mike made me do the first ascent of this route, which he calls "Pocket Mouse", probably rated 5.8.
Today he did the first ascent of another route he put up, which is yet to be named. I think it will be rated 5.10b. I was unable to get photos of the first ascent because I had to pay close attention while belaying.

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