Saturday, November 10, 2007

Owens River Gorge

We spent one week at Owens River Gorge during the last week of October. I think it was a perfect time to be there. The altitude is quite high, so it was very cold at nights. The rock quality was excellent and as I mentioned before, very well bolted, which was a very nice change from other areas we visited. Mike is climbing here in the Cental Gorge - I forget which climb. There are so many climbs here you could spend a lot of time perusing them all. The access is nice too - although you have to hike down some steep trails to the gorge, it doesn't take too long. The camping here is nice too - first, it's free because it's in the National Forest. You can see a picture of our campsite to the left. If you get bored you can go into Bishop to enjoy some of the restaurants and also a good climbing store.

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