Monday, November 5, 2007

Owens River Gorge

After a week back in Yosemite, we decided it was time to head over the pass before it closed. I wanted to do some sport climbing for a change, so we spent a week at Owen's River Gorge outside of Bishop.

It's a veritable sport climber's paradise, although I guess I don't have too much to compare to since I've only been sport climbing at two other areas - Snoqualmie (which doesn't really count I don't think..) and Smith Rock, where I only spent a few days. The rock is relatively steep, and mostly edgy with some cracks (lined by bolts of course!)

In any case, it was bitterly cold at night, but warm during the daytime in the sun, which of course it was sunny everyday. The gorge is quite deep and the sun passes over quickly, so you're either in the hot sun or the cold shade. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the week we spent climbing there. I could have stayed a few more days, but Mike was anxious to get to Joshua Tree, where we are now. It's a lot warmer here, which is a nice change from all the places we've been in the past couple months.

Will post photos and more info later - we have to get back to camp before dark!

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