Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Heaven on Earth?

What is the most awesome situation you can imagine? Some people I know might answer it's all the beer you can drink!

Well, that is exactly what I encountered when I went to visit my friend Wendy in Hawaii! Wendy's husband Rich is the head of the brewery operations at Kona Island Brewery. Can you imagine having your very own "kegerator" in your home? Wendy and Rich do! We should get one if we ever settle down in a house again!

OK, so besides the beer, Wendy's son supplied us with endless stories to entertain us. In the afternoon, I went down to pick him up from preschool in his red wagon.
Every day in Hawaii is a day at the beach.
One day we saw 3 sharks snorkeling, which I'm told is a very special event, as even some locals haven't seen them. Lucky for me, one of the volcanos in Kona is currently erupting and smothering the island in VOG (=volcanic smog), which saved me from getting too sunburned. We escaped the VOG on Saturday by heading north to Popolu Beach (left). We stopped to eat at "Bamboo Restaurant" on the way back, where I met my downfall, the"Lilikoi Margarita", otherwise known as the "Passionfruit Margarita". The Lilikoi has taken a very prominent role in my life since that fated day. On Sunday, we took a short hike at Honualua, where we saw some beautiful ferns, orchids and !lilikoi!!

New addictions from Hawaii:
1. Lilikoi Margaritas
2. Sudoku
3. Sriricha sauce


Mumtaz said...

Mmmm...rooster sauce.


Ben said...

Nice! Although I think your trip to Hawaii disqualifies this as a "road trip"...

I'm trying to make my way to Seattle in September; are you guys gonna be around??