Sunday, October 28, 2007

I love San Francisco!

The week after the wedding, Mike and I stayed at my sister's house in the SFO area. I met Alyson and Melissa in the afternoon in SFO. We walked up Fillmore Street, which is the Pacific Heights area to do some shopping. It had great stores and it was our lucky day as they were having a cocktail party at Betsey Johnson's with our favorite black cherry Effen vodka. Here is Alyson, modelling one of Betsey's dresses.

I thought this sheep herder vest would be a perfect outfit for Melissa, but she thought it was ridiculous.

The shopping was excellent. For example, if you go there you can buy cute little trinkets like this:

Later we headed to PlumpJack to meet Shelly for a delicious dinner. We thought we would like to live in one of the cute apartments in Pacific Heights like this. Maybe someday...

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